Students’ Guild Council

The student body is represented by a Students’ Guild Council that is elected every academic year. The Guild Council is responsible for student governance and leadership. The Guild Council represents the students at the University Council and promotes mutual relationships between students and University Management for quality learning of the students.

Members of the Students’ Guild Council

  • Vice Guild President
  • Guild General Secretary
  • Guild Speaker
  • Deputy Guild Speaker
  • Finance Minister
  • Minister for the Presidency
  • Minister for Cabinet Affairs
  • Minister for Information
  • Minister for Internal Affairs
  • Minister for Sports
  • Minister for Ethics and Religious Affairs
  • Minister of Health & Environment
  • Assistant Minister for Sports
  • Mess Minister
  • Off-campus Affairs Minister
  • Minister for Education
  • Minister for in-service students
  • Minister in charge weekend students
  • Minister for Investment & Monitoring
  • Minister for Justice & Constitutional Affairs
  • Minister for Social, Culture and Entertainment
  • Councillor for Education
  • Councillor for Agriculture
  • Councillor for Tourism
  • Councillor for Business
  • Councillor for Women Affairs
  • Chief fresher for males
  • Chief fresher for females
  • Halls chairperson for males
  • Assistant Halls chairperson for males
  • Halls chairperson for females
  • Assistant Halls chairperson for females