The Board Of Trustees

The Great lakes Regional University Board of trustees is the University's governing body whose broad responsibilities are to supervise, coordinate, manage and regulate the university. The Trustees are responsible for ensuring the capacity of the University to fulfill its mission for current and future generations. Members of the Board play an integral role by providing oversight and input regarding the University's large scale programmatic goals and its financial and physical resources, and by advocating for the University locally, nationally, and throughout the world. In addition, Trustees provide support, as well as leadership in fundraising, to sustain the University's progress.

  • Chairperson,    Hon. Rev. Can. Dr. Hamlet Mbabazi Kabushenga.

  • Member,    Can. Milcah Ziine.

  • Member,    Can. Ephraim Ziine.

  • Member,    Mrs. Kellen Mbabazi.

  • Member,    Ms. Betty Byamugisha.

  • Member,    Ms. Jeninah Tumuheirwe.

  • Member,    Ms. Grace Keishemeza.

  • Member,    Mr. Gerald Mbabazi.

  • Member,    Ms. Eleanor Nyamigisha.

  • Member,    Mr. Rodney Ahabwe.


1. Founding Chancellor & Founding Director:

Hon. Rev. Canon Dr. Hamlet Mbabazi Kabushenga
  • Doctor of Ministry in Global Ministries
  • MA Theological Studies with Distinction
  • BA in Pastoral & Theological Studies
  • Diploma in Higher Education

Hon. Rev. Dr. Kabushenga is a social entrepreneur, who brings 20 years of leadership in educational and business management. He is also a respectable Church Minister of the Free Methodist Church and former Member of Parliament of Uganda. He is the founder of Great Lakes Regional University and Chancellor.

  • The Chancellor shall provide guidance and leadership to the University as well as promote the University nationally and internationally.
  • The Chancellor shall be the titular head of the University and as such shall preside over all ceremonial assemblies of the University and in the name of the University, confer certificates, diplomas, degrees and other academic tittles and distinctions of the University

He is the founder of the African Entrepreneurship (AGE) Institute that offers postgraduate programmes with a special focus on entrepreneurship. He is also the founder of six flourishing educational institutions in primary and secondary education in Uganda. The educational institutions currently empower over 14,000 students in a year. He founded two financial cooperatives with over 10,000 subscribers. He is the Chairman/Managing Director of Summit Management Group that comprises four profitable companies in real estate, tourism, food and beverages and in coffee. Finally, he is an author of three publications.

2. International Chancellor (USA):

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